Model @phewlix

Born in Germany, free spirited Felix now lives in Vienna working in a boutique and “enjoying life to the fullest”.


Brevi Pendant - Oxidised Silver

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Felix, a succesfull school drop out and currently revising my graduation, I work in a boutique doing all sorts here and there. All that while enjoying life 
to the fullest.

"I don’t try to reason my existence."

Where are you from, what’s it like? 

Originally I'm from Bavaria, Germany. I visit once a year and it’s 
nice and calm but not much happening.



Mens Kirea Ring


Where do you live and why? 

I live in Vienna and it couldn’t be better, a little safe heaven full of people who know how to enjoy, 
plenty of culture and the most beautiful streets. I moved here 
years ago with my family, just because. 

Tell us about your work, passions, pass times, reason for being. 

I don’t try to reason my existence, over the years I've mastered the art of unattached pleasure and try to do everything in my 
pace while still remaining functional. 



"I've mastered the art of unattached pleasure."


Describe your personal style. 

If I see something that I like, I grab it and mix it with everything else I like, I dont really have idols, I keep true to myself. You can never be overdressed, and of course if you feel pretty everything seems much more 

How does your style reflect your art/work? 

(as seen above) 


Solmu Double Ring - Garnet

"If you feel pretty everything seems much more colorful."


What sort of jewellery do you wear/or are you drawn to? 

I gather my jewellery like a magpie, and none of it is persistant, just like me. If it's shiny, colorful and has something to say, see me wearing it.

Solmu Double Ring - Garnet

Tell us the story behind you your jewellery. 
(Any Sentimental pieces you own? Where they come from) 

I have a few pieces made by friends of mine which I connect to specfic experiences.
Most of my jewellery is either by friends, myself or found 
somewhere where you wouldn’t expect it to be, I dont really look for the pieces, they come and find me.


Brevi Pendant - Oxidised Silver

How does jewellery work in your day to day look? (Or is it only for dressing up?)
I wear my jewellery everyday, mixing it depending on what I wear. 
There’s no such thing as designated pieces for special occasions. 

Vespe Ring - Rutile Quarz , Textured Claavi Ring

"I dont really look for the pieces, they come and find me."

Vespe Ring - Rutile Quarz
 Textured Claavi Ring

Likes :

Sunglasses, coffee houses, colour, conversation, youth, Tilda Swinton.

Dislikes :

Racists, cold feet, hypocrites, TikTok, waking up early.


Model : Felix @phewlix
Photographer : Grace @gracev.butler