Jewellery // Sculpture

MIES NOBIS is a conceptual jewellery label with an unconventional approach to the craft of gold-smithing. The label draws on art, architecture & sculpture as inspiration, and ongoing experimental methods of fabrication in terms of production.

Each piece is hand-crafted in one-of-a-kind or limited editions in-house in our Berlin based studio, with a focus on sustainable practices; our metal suppliers are trading in 90% Recycled Fine Metals and we focus on small business gemstones suppliers trading Conflict Free Gems.

We specialise in custom work; particularly in recycling and repurposing heirloom jewellery. For more information or to get in touch please email us at contact@miesnobis or request an appointment here.


"Reworking shapes and imagery through a process of illustration and sculpture I aspire to reflect and refine these structures into modernised reincarnations, hand crafted in precious metals as wearable art.

Being the daughter of an architect, the ‘less is more’ philosophy of modernist Mies van der Rohe is ever at the forefront of my mind in terms of application.”

- Designer, Millicent Nobis

Studio & Showroom
Mies Nobis Studio, Skalitzerstr 77, 10997 Berlin

Photos: Dima Zorkov