Creative @officialfanpagemaya

Born in Hawaii, our new assistant, Maya lives in Vienna paving her path by doing things that she loves.


 Terre Ring - Black Diamonds, Broken Pared Ring - Black Diamonds


Who you are and what you do?

My name is Maya and I’m currently a communications student studying and working in Vienna. For the past two years I have been working as a freelancer managing various social media accounts and doing content creation. Also, I am the new assistant for MIES NOBIS.  

Where are you from, what’s it like?

I grew up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. There will always be something special about Hawaii. The weather is warm, the people are friendly, the nature is beautiful, and the fresh fish is to die for. No “poke bowl” in Europe can compare. 


Broken Pared Ring - Black Diamonds


Tell us about your work, passions, pass times, reason for being.

In all aspects of my life, I try to do things that bring me joy – even with work. As a freelancer I have been fortunate enough to be able to do that. I’m young and I’m still figuring out my life. Career wise I am not exactly sure what I want to do but I know I like to make things look pretty and make people have fun and I think I will be able to find something that will allow me to do both.


 "In all aspects of my life, I try to do things that bring me joy"

My biggest passions are cooking and making new experiences. My favorite part of the day is always coming home and cooking myself an elaborate dinner. It’s a way for me to relax and treat myself with something delicious. I love to make new experiences. Whether that is by meeting new people or moving to the other side of the world. I enjoy the unfamiliar.


Claavi Ring, Cut-Out Claavi Ring - Diamonds, Texturized Claavi Ring


Describe your personal style.

I have a shopping addiction and I tend to buy pieces that look a bit ridiculous. I am a big fan of textures – I love vintage furs, feathers, and leather. Overall, I would say my style is a bit edgier in the winter and kind of western, bohemian in the summer. I love a good poncho and a statement pair of cowboy boots. My friends say that I am always overdressed but perhaps they’re just underdressed.

"My friends say that I am always overdressed but perhaps they're just underdressed."

What sort of jewelry do you wear/ or are you drawn to?

I am drawn to gold jewellery because it compliments my warmer skin tone. I never wore much jewellery in the past and it wasn’t actually until I met Milli (MIES NOBIS) when I found my appreciation for it.


Cut-Out Claavi Ring - Diamonds, Texturized Claavi Ring 


Tell us the story behind you your jewellery.

All of my jewellery are gifts or pieces I’ve inherited from my family. Last Christmas my mom gave me my great-great grandma’s gold bracelet. There are two repeating Chinese characters on the bracelet that translate to luck and longevity. 


How does jewelry work in your day to day look? 

Before I leave my apartment, I always put on my watch and my ring from MIES NOBIS.


Terre Ring - Black Diamonds, Solmu Studs


Which piece/s from Mies Nobis do you own?

The Four Piece Zinkir Ring in gold vermeil and the Solmu Studs in oxidized silver.

How do you wear it?

I wear the Zinkir Ring with everything and the Solmu Studs as an extra pop when I wear all black.






Photography: Mies Nobis @miesnobis
Model: Maya Chan @officialfanpagemaya