Student @herrjoost

Joost Leliveld

Joost @herrjoost was born in Holland but grew up in East Germany. Radebeul to be more specific. Now he is studying in Berlin and also hopes to find his love here.

"..I love me some good West-Berlin crumbling glamour"


What is your favorite flavor of your city?

Their aren't that many to choose from... But I love me some good West-Berlin crumbling glamour.


What would be best recommendations for your city; Favorite dinner/Brunch/cocktails/secret location? 

Brunch at Südblock, cocktails at friends.

"As long as it is primary colored I am prepared"


What are your life essentials, what do you carry with you at all time?

I carry a thousand little bags and purses. As long it is primary colored I am prepared.


Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?

... Don't make me choose. I once send a voice message to my friend about a moth attacking me and I wish I still had it.

"Daily rituals is something I am still working on"

Joost wears Pared Ring, Cuadra Ring and Solmu Cuff Bangle


Tell us your daily rituals: Weekday vs weekend 

Daily rituals is something I am still working on. I try to wear SPF 50 everyday.


What is your plan for today, this week and this year? 

I am on my way to Dresden to visit a exhibition on Indian miniatures from the 19th century. This week I want to finish my essay on depiction of women on Chinese porcelain in the 17th century. This year... I hope I can go to Taiwan. I want to move there.



Most influential person in your life?


Gives up some tried and true methods against creative block?

Go out with friend and then spend the next day in bed so hungover that the anxiety forces you to start the next day. Not good but that is how we do it around here. 

"I really like Russian avangard"

What are some inspiration things: designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-visiting often? 

I really like the Russian avangard in the beginning of the 20th century. Rodschenkow and Malewitsch. In the city I used to visit the ceramic study room in the museum of East Asian art. 


Joost wears Textured Jardin Ring  and Textured Man's Claavi Ring