Ceramicist & Artist @thedandandani

Photographer and Ceramic Artist Daniela Torres invited us into her home to talk about her inspirations and how her career has developed since her early years. She moved from Quito Ecuador to Berlin in 2010 to pursue her passions. 

What’s your heritage, where are you originally from?

I’m from Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

Where are you based now, what brought you there? 

I moved to Berlin in 2010 and I have been based here since.

What’s your earliest memory of Photography?

I always loved to take a disposable camera on every trip I went on since primary school. Years after, when I was 17 y/o, I borrowed my uncle’s analogue camera and started to shoot plants, friends and sunsets. I think you can see all of this in my photography now, but obviously, I would say in a more professional eye. 

Kukir Ring - Labradorite

How did you know this was different to the other hobbies you had?

In 2010 I started working as a model and makeup artist. At some point I just felt very connected to the medium and begun an internship with a photographer, then I knew that was something I wanted to go deeper into, and a year later, went to uni to study photography.

When did you decide to pursue Photography/Ceramics, how did your family members and friends respond to this decision?

The connection I have with both mediums comes from my childhood so the decision came naturally at some point after finishing my studies at art school. However, my decision was not easy to accept for my family, unfortunately. Now, after some years, they have accepted somehow and the fact that I’m an artist, for them has become more a good excuse to accept that I photograph naked guys and do ceramics penises as part of my job…

Kukir Ring - Garnet, Kukir Ring - Labradorite

Your biggest inspiration for your work at the moment?

Nature, flowers, tropical plants, corals, naked bodies, organic shapes, pastel tones, gold and silver. 
How would you describe your personal style, does this style influence your work? 

I like contrasts, comfy and simple, also like wearing mainly black. Accessories for me are key to highlight my outfit, for example, one big earring, some nice shoes and a really chic coat.  I think you can see my style translated in my work, for sure! 

Solmu Ring - Labradorite

Tell us the story behind your jewellery. (Any Sentimental pieces you own? Where they come from?)

I have pieces I wear daily: rings, a couple of bracelets, a silver necklace and a safety pin as an earring. All of these are very sentimental pieces because they were gifted to me by family, friends and lovers, their value for me is priceless! I love nostalgia …. 

Best album to listen to whilst creating?

I’m obsessed with Nina Kraviz at the moment.

Textured c/o Claavi Ring - Gold Vermeil

Tried and true methods against creative block?

Leave the house, go for a walk. Give yourself a break. If the blockage is major, take a whole day or two to do whatever isn’t related to work. Meet your friends and talk it through.

What's your most recent achievement? 

I’ve just released my very first photobook as an independent publication.





Model: @thedandandani
Photography: @gracev.butler