Artist @cilleschcille


Eklim Ring with Gemstones



Who are you and what do you do?

I am a French visual artist based in Berlin. I moved to Berlin 6 years ago to meet the art scene, get my Master degree and have never left Berlin since then. I am currently working for an artist as well as on my personal projects.


"I felt like it was the right city to get inputs, make new connections and evolve in different ways"


Where do you live and why?

I moved to Berlin to discover different art practices. I felt like it was the right city to get inputs, make new connections and evolve in different ways. I moved at 21, Berlin has been the city that made me grow. Everything felt really smooth, I didn’t have time to question things as one thing led to another.



Four Piece Zinkir Ring 



Tell us about your work, passions, pass times, reason for being.

My work is multidisciplinary and conceptual. I work by series where the media can vary between performance, installations, sculpture or even video. Exploring different media is a great way to explore different parts of myself and to not get stuck into one dynamic. All media I use are interconnected. I see my work more as a lifestyle that fulfills me in every aspect of it. I am not sure I can separate it from my pass-times as I am passionate about it. If I have something in mind that I want to create, there is no time nor excuses not to do it. I would prioritize it over everything, until my impulses are satisfied. I am also very happy to work as an artist assistant, it is really inspiring for my own practice and I get to learn new techniques. 


"I see my work more as a lifestyle that fulfills me in every aspect of it"



Describe your personal style. 

My personal style as my personal traits are full of contrasts. I can wear multicolored garments as well as all black. I am fascinated to see how our choices of clothing affects our moods and social interactions. I would come to work wearing a feminine dress, get changed and be ready to get my shirt full of paint and dirt. I am happy to juggle between different contexts and styles as it never gets boring. 

However, I am very grateful for the down to earth values that my family transmitted to me and for my supportive childhood friends that I am happy to visit whenever possible. My background is also what defines me and therefore I find it important to stay connected to my roots.



Broken Pared Ring w. Tourmailine



How does your style reflect your art/work?

If I work on a colorful series of artworks, I tend to wear only black, in contrast with the actual artworks that I create, which doesn’t make sense since I am not hanging out in public places with my paintings and nobody can see nor even understand this contrast. People probably just see a woman wearing black. Sometimes it makes me laugh. It became an automatic pattern that I do. 


What sort of jewelry do you wear/ or are you drawn to? 

Gold, timeless, exclusive, sometimes eccentric too. 



Kukir Ring - Labradorite, Gold Densa Ring - Peridot



Tell us the story behind your jewelry.

All the jewelry I wear comes from my family. My mum gave me her two rings that she was wearing when she was my age. It never leaves me. We both wear a necklace with a cross which also connects us in a personal way.   


"I wear jewelry that has a story and heritage"



Textured c/o Claavi Ring - Gold VermeilSolmu Double Ring



How does jewelry work in your day to day look? (Or is it only for dressing up?)

I wear jewelry that has a story and heritage. It reminds me of who I am, my past, memories and people. I wear the same ones everyday, every night. As in my art practice, it usually works by phases. It can last weeks, months, years until I find a new obsession. I wouldn’t buy jewelry for myself though as it would be insignificant to me. I see my jewelry as being part of my identity.


Likes :

Spontaneity, openness, Bonjour Tristesse, Xavier Dolan, French rap, Greek yogurt, Irène ma reine.

Dislikes :

Patriarcat, injustice, discrimination, compromise, laziness, this question.



Model : Cille Sch @cilleschcille
Photographer : Grace @gracev.butler