Photographer @arnaud.ele

Long time muse Arnaud @arnaud.ele lives in Berlin working as an art director and photographer alongside pursuing his passion for music. 


Textured Jardin Ring, Gold Pared Ring


Your favorite thing about your city?

Everything, I love everything.

A track that you have on high rotation at the moment?





Gold Pared Ring, Textured Jardin Ring, Solmu Ring - Labradorite, Textured Eklim Ring


Go to comfort food.

I love chicken, i love everything. Italian food; pizza, pasta, i love French food, Belgian food - Sushi too…

Your last drinks would be, where and with who.

A rum, in Cameroon, Yaounde.



Texturized Jardin Ring, Jardin Ring - Labradorite 


What/ Who are you inspired by?

Generally modernist period after second world war, Italian cinema, post modern period, specifically 70’s, Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman, Federico Felini. Yeah just this, and friends, and music, Classic music, and jazz…



Tell us something little that makes you happy daily.

Wine and music, and good food.

Tell us something unexpected about yourself

I am the specialist for the coffee, special Camroon style.


Textured Jardin Ring 14k GoldTextured Jardin RingSolmu Ring - LabradoriteTextured Eklim Ring, Two Piece Zinkir Ring, Eklim Ring - Multicolored Sapphires 

Likes - Food, Cinema, Music, Gold Jewellery, Rum.

Dislike - When its cold, Stress, When I am too drunk.

Photography: Peyman Farahani @stillpeyman
Production: Arnaud Ele @arnaud.ele