Influencer @brevtel

Anne is from a small town in the east of Germany and lives in Berlin. She works in the fashion industry alongside having a passion for art, photography and tattoos.

Shot in our Berlin studio AA-Collected


Words to live by :

Whats more to life then a couple of thrills 

Your favourite thing about your city :

"That Berlin is the melting pot of cultures, good food everywhere" 

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Track that you have on high rotation atm:

CARIBOU - New Jade 

Go to comfort food: 

All made of dough 

Anne wears Solmu Ring & Bahar Ring, with Solmu Cuff & Solmu drop Earrings with top This is Fred, available at AA-Collected

Your last drinks would be, where and with who:

Sunset driving along the beach with my best friend singing all songs we know. 

What/ Who are you inspired by:

"Real conversations, ethnic cultures, strong and creative women, nature and traveling  and my friends"

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Tell us something little that makes you happy daily:

"To get up early and have the first coffee"  

Tell us something unexpected about yourself:

 I have a 12 year education in classical guitar and played in a orchestra when I was a teenager 

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vintage fashion, fresh air, being in love, saturdays, red wine 



intolerant people, raisins, phone calls, racism, afternoons

Credits : 
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