Story by Dima Zorkov

Shooting by @dimazorkov, with the interns from @aacollected shop,

Julia, Liv and Manon featuring our jewellery.

Julia wears Solmu Cuff, Mihlu BangleZinkir 4 piece ring and Solmu Earrings.

Liv wears Claavi Ring, Kaari Cuff and Top from This is Fred

Live wears Eklim Ring & Solmu Ring (left) - Solmu Double Ring & Zinkir 2 Piece Ring (light) with top This is Fred and necklace made by a Two Piece Zinkir Ring

Manon wears Cut-Out Claavi Ring, Claavi Ring, Milhu Bangle, Two Piece Zinkir Ring for Earring (left) and Solmu Earring (right)

Manon wears Two Piece Zinkir Ring and Solmu Studs Earrings

Credits :
Photographer : @dimazorkov
Jewellery : @miesnobis