Story by Dima Zorkov

Shooting by @dimazorkov, with the interns from @aacollected shop,

Julia, Liv and Manon featuring our jewellery.

Julia wears Solmu Cuff, Mihlu BangleFour Piece Zinkir Ring and Solmu Earrings.

Liv wears Claavi Ring, Karri Cuff and Top from This is Fred

Live wears Eklim Ring & Solmu Ring (left) - Solmu Double Ring & Two Piece Zinkir Ring (light) with top This is Fred and necklace made by a Two Piece Zinkir Ring

Manon wears Cut-Out Claavi Ring, Claavi Ring, Milhu Bangle, Two Piece Zinkir Ring for Earring (left) and Solmu Stud (right)

Manon wears a Two Piece Zinkir Ring and Solmu Studs Earrings

Credits :
Photographer : @dimazorkov
Jewellery : @miesnobis