Recycle Your Unworn Jewellery 

We know many of us have inherited jewellery pieces dear to our hearts but not always fitting to our tastes. If you have jewellery you no longer wear, you can recycle it with us to give it a new life. Mies Nobis aspires to move towards a more circular and sustainable jewellery industry. As such, we offer a recycling service that allows you to trade in the precious metal from your unworn jewellery for credit towards a new piece. You can browse our current styles or make an appointment to create a completely bespoke design.
Email us at with with photos and information of the pieces your would like to recycle. If you would like to rework your piece, tell us your ideas and we can discuss the possibilities with you via email or in person at our Berlin based Studio. Make an appointment to visit our studio here.




Send us your jewellery

We will send you everything you need to ship your jewellery safely and insured to us.

We weigh your jewellery and confirm your credit

After we have received your jewellery, we will analyze and weigh it to confirm its value.

Use your credit to buy new jewellery or create a bespoke design

You will receive your credit towards your future Mies Nobis purchases.