Gini is from Indonesia and lives in Berlin, she works in humanitarian field alongside having a passion for music, books, dancing and singing in the shower.

“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.“

You favourite thing about your city? 

Umm, everything.


Track that you have on high rotation at the moment?

Pass Me The Asthray - The Mouse Outfit feat. IAMDDB



Gini wears Somu Drop Necklace and Broken Pared rings

Top by Skin Deep (Available at AA Collected)


Your comfort food?

Baked sweet potato with black beans, veggies, cheese and tahini sauce.


Your last drinks would be, where and with who?

Gin tonic and fresh coconut water, at the beach, with friends.


"I could decide whether i want to have a vivid dream or lucid dream"



What/ Who are you inspired by?


Tell us something little that makes you happy daily?

Daily routine: yoga, meditate, journalling, biking, listening to good music, (sometimes Reiki and Qi Gong if I have some more spare time)



Top by Hannes Kettritz (Available at AA Collected)


Tell something unexpected about yourself?

I could decide whether i want to have a vivid dream or lucid dream. Always remember most of what happened in my dream when i wake up.




- Tomato
- Avocado
- Bad vibe
- Toxic people and energy vampire
- Racism, Homophobic, Ignorance
- Smelly Subway
- The worst: forget to bring the headphone


Gini wears Bahar Double Ring and Zinkir Bangle

Top by This is Fred (Available at AA Collected)

- everything about Frank Ocean
- Writing
- Croissant
- Good food
- Biking, Yoga, Meditation
- Good chill zen vibe
- People who love themselves and treat others in a respectable loving manner
- A big fat spliff