Influencer @chrisderblonde

Chris is from another planet and lives in only in your mind. he works as a smile factory alongside having a passion for legs.
His words to live by are “stop falling in love with me, I dont exist".

Shot in our Berlin studio AA-Collected

You favourite thing about your city ?


Track that you have on high rotation atm ? 

Agar Agar - Im that guy and the german sailor moon theme

Go to comfort food ?

"Wine gums harvested from the sofa crack"

 Chris wears Solmu Double Ring 

Your last drinks would be, where and with who.

The blood of a virgin with god.


What/ Who are you inspired by?

"Boredom and the idea to make people smile."

Chris wears Claavi Ring, top M'y Art, available at AA-Collected

Tell us something unexpected about yourself ?

I own over 300 boardgames.

Tell us something little that makes you happy daily.

To learn something new.


Legs, silly jokes, repetition, legs, silly jokes


Filling out the dislikes section in interviews and forms

Credits : 
model @chrisderblonde / jewellery @miesnobis / location @aacollected